We are grateful that we’ve had the opportunity to positively influence the lives of so many people over the years. Many of those people have been willing to share their stories; we invite you to read a few of them here.

“Best hidden treasure in massage therapy! Warm atmosphere and very skilled therapists. A noticeable difference from other chains. You will not be disappointed!”  ATM Client – 2018

“Love this place and my therapist. You are made to feel welcome from the minute that you enter until you leave – and you leave much more Zen than when you arrive.”  Diane B. – 2017

“Very good massage. Helped with my neck issues and very relaxing.”  Eric S.  – 2017

“Very pleasant experience. Clean, professional, and attentive. Awesome massage. Will definitely be rebooking. Thanks again!”  Tom F. – 2018

“Great customer service!”  ATM Client – 2017

“Very calming and relaxing. They were sensitive to my needs.”  Katha H. – 2017

“I went in with a stick neck and sore shoulders. My therapist worked on me for 60 minutes and it was wonderful. When I left, I was able to put my coat on without help! Big relief.”  Jayne D. – 2018

“Another wonderful massage! My muscles thank you. My therapist listened to my concerns and provided great pain relief.”  Alisa K. – 2017

“I always look forward to coming in! The clinic is so warm and relaxing. From the front desk personnel to the therapists, it helps calm me from all the stress of the day. I feel at ease the minute I walk in. Highly recommend it to all my friends and family!”  ATM Client – 2018


“What a fabulous place! The therapists are all knowledgeable and caring, as is the front desk staff. It’s a delightful experience every time I enter the building.” – ATM Client

My first experience with Advanced Therapeutic Massage was a year ago when I was bed-ridden due to a back injury. My back was weak because of a sedentary life style combined with bulges in my lower discs. For five years, I experienced back pain daily. This condition was so extensive that my muscles had atrophied to a large extent. I could not walk for more than a few seconds without my calves starting to cramp. In desperation, my mother called ATM. Janice began massage and extensive stretching and as a result, I began walking normally. I continue to receive therapeutic massage at ATM on a regular basis. These massages have helped so much that I now live a normal existence. For several years I had to drive and work with a back brace. With moderate exercising and regular body massages, wearing a back brace is a thing of the past.     - Richard H. 


I discovered Advanced Therapeutic Massage by referral from a friend almost ten years ago. I had been suffering with low back and neck pain so badly that I had all but given up golf. Early on, I combined chiropractic with ATM Massage. Recovery from the low back pain took several months, and along the way I found massage helped keep stress related issues in check. This is not just a relaxing, what I call “feel good” massage. The therapists are trained to address specific issues. Occasional low back pain or other “mechanical” flare ups, including stress relief, make weekly ATM “maintenance” a must.  - Chris F.


I am on the lifetime plan! I continue my treatments as an ongoing commitment to wellness. After coming to ATM with a neck injury and degenerative disc disease over 14 years ago, I am still able to avoid surgery. The therapists are skilled in neuromuscular massage and receive ongoing training that increases their techniques and capabilities. They are also genuinely concerned for my well being. They are so much more than massage therapists. They are healers of pain and discomfort. I receive both mental and physical benefits from massage, and it keeps me more aware of my body and what it takes to keep mobility at its peak.  - Marsha W.


The friendly professional staff at ATM has provided a consistent and positive experience for us. We feel that the work they do helps keep our minds and bodies healthy and helps relieve stress by promoting general wellness.  – Dale and Teresa B.


After being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, the bi-monthly massages I receive really increase the range of motion in my legs. However, my focus on stress release and just relaxing would be a benefit to any MS patient. The family atmosphere and not being treated like a number or feeling like you are in a cattle line is one of the great benefits of Advanced Therapeutic Massage. The professional dedication of the staff is above and beyond expectation. My therapist did independent research on my MS to better understand my disease and be able to work the muscles which were affected in my body. Keep up the good work ATM! - Heidi R.


Initially, it was muscle pain brought on by stress and illness. Now, it is like a body tune-up monthly. If I go very long without a therapeutic massage, my deep muscles will become “achy” and I will begin to experience pain. The therapy seems to help my body re-group to keep working together smoothly.

I was suffering terribly from what was thought to be acute fibromyalgia-type pain. I was in so much constant pain that I couldn’t function, sleep, drive…I was in tears most of the time. My doctor recommended therapeutic massage and I chose ATM because the name implied more than a “feel good” massage.

The therapy I receive is both mind and body. I think the name says it all. The treatments are advanced, not just “a massage is a massage.” The approach is a therapeutic one. The therapists are interested in the reasons that brought you in, and they focus on that on an individual basis. They draw on their training and experience to give you the treatment your body needs. I doubt that any two massages are the same.

Initially, I was in so much pain when I came to ATM and the therapy broke the cycle of pain. I began to heal with continued bi-weekly care until I was essentially pain-free. Now, six years later, I go monthly to keep the deep tissues healthy. My body feels less stiff and more fluid in movement. My therapist knows my body and devotes attention to the trigger areas that will tend to give me problems. The mental “de-stress” I experience during my treatment pulls my mind and body together to a place of complete relaxation and for that hour…I am at total peace. I really notice a difference if I miss a monthly appointment. Like a body needs sleep, my muscles and tissues need to be re-charged. The physical and mental benefits make my monthly appt a must!

Although I am always treated professionally, I feel like the staff are my friends. I know them and they know me. I am not just another body walking through the door with some coupon. I anticipate my appointment and count the days until it arrives. It is the day I look forward to most every month!  - Julie W.


I injured my back in 1994 and spent most of the following two years in a great deal of pain and discomfort. I was examined by orthopedic specialists and a neurosurgeon. I went to a specialty back clinic, and the consensus seemed to be that I needed surgery. They also explained that even after surgery, I would never ski, ride horses, or be able to lift any significant weight again. I exhausted my insurance benefits going to various therapists and only seemed to get worse. By the end of the second year, I was getting very depressed. My activity level had been reduced to almost none. I could not exercise and I could not participate in any of the sports or physical activities I had once enjoyed so much. Even ordinary daily activities like getting dressed and driving to work were painful.

I was at the end of my rope. That is when my wife found out about Advanced Therapeutic Massage. I had already visited many different therapists, but I couldn’t see the harm in trying another one. On my first visit, I noticed a difference in their approach. Janice Jones spent the first 30 minutes of my visit doing a complete assessment, asking many questions and having me stand and move in different directions. By the conclusion of her analysis, she told me that there was hope and that she was confident that she could help me. I began going to ATM weekly and Janice gave me a number of stretches to do at home. Within 4 to 5 weeks, I could feel improvement. That improvement continued and today I can water ski, snow ski, and lift bales of hay around our ranch. I have been riding and showing reining horses for the last six years, and I coach my son’s baseball team. My life was totally transformed. I continue to go to ATM on a monthly basis for maintenance or when I get in trouble with a muscle strain.  Janice and her team at ATM saved me from back surgery and gave me my life back. – Larry K.


I am a very active 65 year old. I play golf, ride motorcycles, run-walk every day along with my workout routine. Massage treatment has helped me do what I want to do, for the past 35 years. 

Fourteen years ago while visiting a chiropractor’s office in Keller, I saw the sign for Advanced Therapeutic Massage. Being new to Texas I took a chance and it was a great one! I have been a loyal customer ever since. All of the staff at ATM makes you feel you are their concern and they are there to help you. The best part is they mean it! After this many years they are family, and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. They really know what they are doing! The work they do is more holistic. You can have the therapist concentrate on specific problems. The therapists at Advanced Therapeutic Massage are very professional and they treat you as an individual with specific individual concerns. I have had massage many times before coming to ATM and I feel that none compare to the quality I receive at ATM.

I have always been in tune with my body, and I always learn more with the professional help I receive at Advanced Therapeutic Massage. Being active means you will hurt yourself on occasion. They work with you on any problem you have and make recommendations for what you should do after you leave their office, such as certain exercises or stretching that will further help your recovery. They know my body type, and help create a session that works best for me. – Alan B.