Should I get a massage during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As of January 15, 2021, payment will be taken after your service at the front desk. We are allowing only one person at a time at the desk.

All of us at Advanced Therapeutic Massage wish to provide therapeutic massage services to our clients in a safe environment during COVID-19. Before deciding to make an appointment, each client should self-screen for symptoms and evaluate his/her individual circumstances to decide whether massage at this time is appropriate. If you’re still uncertain whether massage at this time is right for you, we hope that the following list outlining some of our safety and sanitation procedures will help you make that choice.

          • Before being allowed to work for the day all employees are required to self-screen for known symptoms. Once arriving at work each employee must pass a temperature check.
          • All employees and clients are required to properly wear a mask while in the building.
          • Except for your therapist, we ensure that proper social distancing is maintained between you and others. When you come into our office, there will be no other guests in our waiting room or the hallways you pass through. Remain in your vehicle after calling to let us know you’ve arrived. Once we have properly sanitized and make sure all other guests are either in the room for their session or have left the building, your therapist will come outside to personally welcome you in.
          • When your therapist escorts you into the building, your temperature will be taken with a contactless thermometer.
          • Your therapist takes you directly to the therapy room. No immediate interaction with anyone but your therapist is required. Everything from paperwork to payment is completed without leaving the therapy room.
          • Before and after each session the therapy room and any surface you or your therapist has come in contact with is sanitized using only cleaning products approved by CDC guidelines.
          • The remainder of the building is cleaned, vacuumed, and mopped with CDC-approved cleaning products at the end of each day.

The trust you place in us when you book a massage session is something we take very seriously, and we look forward to seeing you soon!