Benefits of Therapeutic Massage

female4blogDo you experience chronic pain that doesn’t let you sleep and keeps you from doing the things you enjoy?

At Advanced Therapeutic Massage, we provide sessions that are tailored to your specific needs and concerns. Below is a brief list of SOME of the (positive) “side effects” of therapeutic massage.

1. Helps to improve lubrication of the joints within the body. Synovial fluid, the joint lubricant, is moved through the joint space and nourishes the cartilage that protects the bones.

2. Improves posture. Tight muscles that cause poor posture are relaxed bringing bones and joints into proper alignment. This will decrease pain and increase better movement.

3. Specific massage strokes applied to soft tissue will help decrease scar tissue, reduce knots in muscles, and realign muscle fibers.

4. Combats stress. Untreated stress can lead to heart disease, stroke, insomnia, fatigue, poor decision making, and increased pain levels. Massage helps to relax the body AND mind which helps decrease the negative effects of stress.

5. Corrects compensation patterns throughout the body. When there is a specific injury that decreases function, the body will activate other muscles to create the necessary movement and protect the injured muscle. This will lead to inefficient movement patterns and pain. Massage can help treat overused muscles that are compensating for the injured muscle.

6. Relaxation. A relaxed body heals faster, has a stronger immune system, sleeps better, and experiences less pain.

These are just a few benefits of therapeutic massage. Our talented therapists at Advanced Therapeutic Massage are knowledgeable and trained to ensure you receive all these benefits and more. Call now to book a session because you deserve to live a pain-free life that allows you to do the things you love.