After graduating from massage school and opening Advanced Therapeutic Massage in 1996, founder Janice Jones recognized a significant need: to provide specialization in pain relief. She narrowed her focus to determining the root cause of pain and embarked on a journey through extensive continuing education coursework.

Since then, Advanced Therapeutic Massage has grown into a team… and an expanded perspective. Our therapists are like-minded and believe that quality bodywork plays a significant role in pain management, injury rehabilitation, symptom management and overall wellness.

Our Team

Advanced Therapeutic Massage is a gifted team of therapists who are well versed in varied techniques designed to bring balance back to the body, reduce pain and increase feelings of well-being. Our therapists are licensed by the state of Texas and have extensive amounts of experience and continuing education. Our knowledge, our belief in individualized care and our teamwork approach to body work allows us to be highly effective with a broad range of clients.

Because of the challenges of many of our cases, our therapists meet regularly to discuss client care. These meetings allow our team to draw on more than 50 years of collective experience in an effort to apply the best that massage training can offer. This piece of our teamwork approach is one of many that distinguish our work in the massage therapy field.

Meet Our Founder

JJ - 8-2012Janice Jones, LMT, Founder

Janice began her full time practice in 1994 and developed a unique approach to bodywork by combining techniques designed to bring balance back to the body.  Read More…




Meet Our Therapists

It is our privilege to have an exceptional team of massage therapists. We invite you to read their bios, and call our office to discuss any questions you may have.

Chris-2-2017-thumbChris Stafford, LMT

Christopher was first introduced to the rehabilitative benefits of massage therapy while recovering from a back injury. The results achieved through a single session surpassed anything else he had previously experienced. Christopher obtained his training in New Hampshire, which has some of the most extensive requirements for licensure in the country. Before joining the Advanced Therapeutic Massage team … Read More…


Ana MayhueAna Mayhue, LMT MMP

Ana is a professional massage therapist specializing in deep tissue, cupping, Swedish massage, and hot stone massage. Ana’s first exposure to massage occurred when her horse was injured several years ago. After purchasing a book about massage, she learned how massage can help the aches and pains of the body as well as build trust. After using a variety of massage techniques on her horse, she realized … Read More…


Nichole-2-2017Nichole Cook, LMT

Nichole came to Texas from upstate New York in July, 2016, to pursue further learning and to be with family. She first saw the benefits of massage when working on family and friends. After training at Finger Lakes School of Massage in Ithaca, she began practicing massage therapy in 2011. One of Nichole’s important goals… Read More…



Amanda Phillips, LMT MMP

Amanda Phillips discovered the benefits of massage therapy when she began seeking natural solutions to relieve chronic migraines. Not only did the headaches start to diminish, she also noticed she had more energy in her daily life. Studying at The College of Health Care Professions allowed her to integrate her compassion for clients… Read More…



LMT – Licensed Massage Therapist
MMP – Medical Massage Practitioner


Meet Our Administrative Support Team

Pam Jones – Business Manager






Bobby Debenport – Administrative Support






Joanne ColyerJoanne Colyer – Administrative Support







Dina PageDina Page – Administrative Support







Our mission is to facilitate the healing process of every client. We strive to educate clients about the phenomenal benefits of therapeutic massage and assist each person on their path to wellness by providing the highest quality in bodywork. We partner with each client, their healthcare team, and our fellow therapists to provide dynamic results in each treatment.


Therapeutic massage plays a vital role in achieving optimal health through balancing the muscular system. We specialize in individualized sessions based on the goals of each client. We work with athletes, chronic pain sufferers, people rehabilitating from accidents or surgery and those who are in need of stress relief.

Standard of Care

Individualized care and the call to serve others is the cornerstone of Advanced Therapeutic Massage. Connecting with individuals, providing a serene environment, discovering the root cause of symptoms, determining a treatment plan, and providing consistent follow-up with each client is the reason many of our clients call us “family.”


Call our office at 817-379-5551 or E-mail us.